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Tearful eyes, two-handed heart, and a 'melting' face: new emojis coming soon |  Technique

Tearful eyes, two-handed heart, and a ‘melting’ face: new emojis coming soon | Technique

Emoji communication should get richer with 37 new emojis have arrived on mobile phones and computers. Last Tuesday (14) the Unicode Consortium, an organization that standardizes codecs around the world, approved a new batch – this is version 14.0.

Among the novelties are a face with teary eyes, another “dissolving” face, an X-ray representation and an image of a typical ingredient on the Brazilian table: beans. Potential candidates, such as the Capybara Emoji, did not enter this time.

Now, the ball is with companies that develop operating systems. To get to people’s screens, like companies google browserAnd An apple NS Microsoft Need emoji implementation – what should happen Between December 2021 and August 2022According to Emojipedia.

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Some emojis may seem repetitive, like the one covering his mouth with his hand – yet some platforms represent him with a more serious look and others as if he’s smiling.

From now on, there will be a differentiation – similarly with the tearful emoji, which may look like the “begging” icon 🥺, but is smiling.

See below for news in a representation created by “Emojipedia” – the icons differ from the image above, from Unicode, and an explanation of how each company develops different versions:

New emoji draft approved in 2021 – Image: Emojipedia

The handshake emoji 🤝, for example, can be combined between all skin tones – there are only 25 options for this icon, which increases representation.

Pregnancy options now include a representation of a transgender man, a non-binary person, and a short-haired woman.

In total, there will be 3,633 different options among all the emojis.