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Taylor Swift Donates $100,000 to Shooting Victim and Remembers the Internet for MS – Fun

Taylor Swift Donates $100,000 to Shooting Victim and Remembers the Internet for MS – Fun

Singer's actions are compared to her lack of action towards the Mato Grosso victim who was killed during her show

Ana Clara Benevides' family were welcomed into the dressing room by Taylor Swift at the tour's final show in Brazil (Image: Disclosure)

It's gotten bad. Singer Taylor Swift is being subjected to a massacre in the “Internet Court” after news of her donation of 100 thousand US dollars, equivalent to 497 thousand Brazilian reals at the exchange rate on Friday (16), to the family of one of the victims of the shooting that occurred in Kansas. City, during the celebration of the title won by the Chiefs in Super Bowl 58.

So far, so good. In addition to being a global music phenomenon, the North American singer is known for her stands of solidarity in times of disaster. However, the “fastees” (the name given to the singer's fans) are being questioned by comparing Taylor's actions to the victim at her own show in Brazil.

Ana Clara Benevides, 23, from Mato Grosso do Sul, died during the singer's performance on November 17 at Nilton Santos Stadium, after suffering from heat exhaustion caused by the heat. On that day, Rio de Janeiro recorded a temperature of 59.3 degrees Celsius.

The news shared on the '@pretitudes' Instagram page contains a series of comments questioning the measure (Image: Reproduction)

The case had repercussions around the world, but Taylor chose to remain silent and only received Anna Clara's family in São Paulo, for the final performance of her The Eras tour in Brazil. It is worth noting that the fans themselves donated money to help the victim's family return the body to the house and conduct the burial process.

This parallel between the two different positions caused a torrent of comments on online posts. “It's worth more to live there, isn't it?” Arthur Jr. said.

An X network user took the opportunity to remember the donation made by fans to transport Anna Clara's body (Image: X)

Another follower pointed out the difficulties faced by Anna Clara's parents. “And the family of Ana Clara Benevides who needed to move the dead girl’s body did not earn a single penny from this pathetic woman,” @bubgadr said.

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@evermoregiuli took the opportunity to resume discussion of the bill guaranteeing free hydration. “Take advantage of the fact that the topic of Ana Clara Benevides has resurfaced to remember that no project proposing to distribute free water at events has been approved and that the issue remains unresolved.”

Fan took the opportunity to question the law's progress on behalf of the victim (Image: X)

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