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The end result of the remake pleases the studio

The end result of the remake pleases the studio

Even with criticism regarding the protagonist's appearance and combat-focused content in the trailer, the “Silent Hill 2” remake remains one of the most anticipated games of the year.

Internally, expectations are the best possible. In a recent report submitted by Bloober Team, the team responsible for developing the game stated that they are very confident in the final outcome of the project.


Although the remake pleased fans, the development process did not escape controversy. One A trailer for the game focusing on the combat system It became a topic of discussion among the community who stated that the title took away from its essence.

The series has its roots in horror and is known for creating a very scary atmosphere even when the graphics were far from as realistic as they are today. But the second presentation of the new version had a “Resident Evil” theme, focusing on action elements, which had a bad effect.

The head of the Bloober team, Piotr Babieno, made the announcement to comment on the controversy surrounding the promotional materials. According to the studio head, the images did not fully reflect the “spirit” of the title. Furthermore, he emphasized that the entire marketing strategy was the responsibility of Konami, the game's publisher.

Before that, fans had already complained about the appearance of James Sunderland, the hero of the horrific novel. In the First trailer It appeared to be slightly larger in the original version, which was considered a lack of accuracy when transferring elements from the classic version to the new version.

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Silent Hill 2 - Teaser |  PlayStation 5 games

The Bloober team also commented on what happened at the time, declaring that the fact that the character had “aged” was an element to generate identification with the audience who had played the original, way back in 2001 – and that, like the game, he was also elderly.

However, the developers appear to have backed down, and as an update to the game's Steam page indicates, they may have made the protagonist younger, encouraged by the negative reception from the public.