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Zubeldia expects São Paulo to improve over time, but warns: “The team must offer alternatives” |  Sao Paulo

Zubeldia expects São Paulo to improve over time, but warns: “The team must offer alternatives” | Sao Paulo

In the midst of a marathon of matches that will not “stop” until June, during the next FIFA date, coach Luis Zubeldia, of Sao PauloHe said after the draw with Palmeiras on Monday in Morumbes, in the Brazilian League, that he expects a better team when he has more time. But he has no complaints about the calendar, which expects a match every three days on average until the end of May.

Watch the press conference with Zubeldia after the match against Palmeiras

– What I see is that these are players who want to learn, integrate concepts, and are ready to work. When we have more time, it will definitely be better, but I'm not complaining. I focus on winning in the little time I have so that the players can embody what I intend. I'm not in a situation of 'I don't have time to work' – said Zubeldia after the classic scoreless match in the Brazilian League.

Luis Zubeldia, Sao Paulo x Palmeiras – Photo: Rubens Chiri/Saopaulofc.net

He also avoided regretting his absences – and there are new names in the trio, as Pablo Maia suffers from a thigh injury that will keep him out of the team for at least two months:

– We have some injured people, such as Pablo, Lucas, Rafinha, Rato… Now Wellington I do not know his condition. He said the team must introduce substitutes somehow, including left-back Wellington, who injured his ankle against Palmeiras, in the list.

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– We could have won, because the fans were pressing. He added: “I enjoyed it. This type of match makes us suffer, but I enjoy it.”

After a week of work, Zubeldia still says he feels comfortable Sao Paulo.

– It's a very big club. Everyone has welcomed us very well, and part of the feeling of not winning today has to do with that, which gives joy to our fans. That doesn't mean the draw isn't good. But when you're playing with 50 or 60,000 people at home, we want to win to make them happy. We will have other opportunities for this.

The result was maintained Sao Paulo In the bottom half of the Brazilian Championship, in fourteenth place with four points. In the next round, they will face Vitoria in El Salvador on Sunday. Before that, on Thursday, they will play the first leg of the third stage of the Brazilian Cup against Aguia de Maraba, in Belem.

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