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Sao Paulo x Palmeiras: Belmont apologizes to Abel, hugs peace before the classic match;  Video |  Brazilian series A

Sao Paulo x Palmeiras: Belmont apologizes to Abel, hugs peace before the classic match; Video | Brazilian series A

Carlos Belmont apologizes to Appel before facing Sao Paulo with Palmeiras

Coach Abel Ferreira from Palm treesSão Paulo's football director, Carlos Belmonte, concluded the peace moments before the confrontation between the two clubs, on Monday, at the Morombes Stadium, in the fourth round of the Brazilian championship.

The two met in the mixed area of ​​the stadium and exchanged greetings, as a way to put an end to the controversy that fueled the rivalry between the two clubs last month. Belmont apologized to Abel for calling him a “dirty Portuguese…”.

– Frankly, I was waiting for this from you, and I apologized, and the apology was accepted, and this is the most important thing – Abel Ferreira said.

Palmeiras coach Abel Ferreira comments on the Sao Paulo manager's apology

-Any institution, Palm trees Or Sao Paulo, greater than any character. It gives a good picture of what football should be like, we are not perfect, we make mistakes and there is nothing better than admitting them. Nice position, the important thing now is the match. Inside the four lines we are opponents, and outside us we are partners, working to promote football. The coach added: This is bigger than anything else Palm trees.

Carlos Belmonte, Sao Paulo manager, and Abel Ferreira, Palmeiras coach, speaking in Morumbi – Photo: Reproduction

– You bastard…! Abel blew his whistle for you, you dirty Portuguese! – Shouted.

Hey Palm trees He considered the speech xenophobic and considered filing a lawsuit against the São Paulo director. President Leila Pereira in an interview with geHe said Belmonte had become persona non grata at the club and considered Sao Paulo's attack “hysterical”.

Sao Paulo x Palmeiras – Photography: Marcos Riboli

Carlos Belmonte was denounced for insulting Abel, with a maximum possible sentence of 270 days, in addition to the penalties stipulated in the two articles under which he was charged.

To make the penalty as small as possible, the coach and Sao Paulo offered to record a video clip featuring the top hat-taker. He has paid a fine of R$50,000 and cannot attend São Paulo's matches until the end of the Campeonato Paulista.

The Sao Paulo manager curses Abel, from Palmeiras, at a loss in Morumbi: “Portuguese from…”

In addition to Belmonte, President Julio Casares and Deputy Fernando Bracalli Ambrogi were also denounced, who could be suspended for up to 180 days. They were each fined 30,000 Brazilian reals. In total, fines amounting to R$205,000 were paid.

Sao Paulo manager Carlos Belmonte apologizes to Palmeiras' Abel Ferreira