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UK announces plans to deport 5,700 migrants to Rwanda by end of year |  World and Science

UK announces plans to deport 5,700 migrants to Rwanda by end of year | World and Science

The destination is highly favored by African immigrantsBreeding

Published 04/30/2024 08:12

The British government announced on Tuesday (30) that it hoped to deport an identified group of 5,700 asylum seekers to Rwanda “by the end of the year”. Mancha's channel.


Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's government wants to begin evacuations before July, according to a speech approved by parliament on Tuesday last week.

Rwanda has “agreed in principle” to receive 5,700 asylum seekers, according to a document released Monday by the Interior Ministry.

They are among more than 57,000 migrants who entered the UK illegally through the English Channel between January 2022 and June 2023, according to an AFP report based on official data.

“We hope to get (this group) out by the end of the year,” Health Minister Victoria Atkins confirmed to Sky News on Tuesday.

The Home Office said 2,143 of the 5,700 asylum seekers in question were “likely to be detained” in anticipation of deportation.

The health minister noted that the government is making all efforts to trace others. “We want that message to be very clear (…) we will find them and they will be expelled,” he said.

Ireland recently said it had already begun registering a significant influx of migrants from the United Kingdom because of its neighbor's immigration policy.

As part of a new agreement between London and Kigali, the new law aims to deport illegal immigrants, regardless of their origin, to Rwanda, which is responsible for examining asylum claims. Whatever the final outcome, they cannot return to England.