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Switch OLED dock may be able to support 4K • Eurogamer.pt

Switch OLED dock may be able to support 4K • Eurogamer.pt

Investigating the ingredients reveals interesting details.

The Nintendo Switch OLED became available on October 8th, and as you might expect, some can’t go long without unlocking their console to discover the mysteries hidden inside the new dock.

If it was revealed last week that the Switch OLED includes in the box an HDMI 2.0 cable, which can allow for a 4K, 60fps, and HDR signal, more information has now been discovered on this point in the same direction.

Kawlun Dram decided to go ahead and open its dock, which allowed it to discover that it included a new Realtek chip, touted as a system on a chip with 4K capabilities, something that was already spotted in information from the previous console’s firmware update.

Now speculation points to the possibility that the new dock consists of new hardware that, should Nintendo as well as Bluetooth support wish, might activate new features through the update. However, considering the hardware of the console itself, it does not appear that it is possible to run games in native 4K resolution.

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