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“Supernatural things happen,” Constantino says of Lula’s transition team.

Commentators from Jovem Pan 3 in 1 reflected on the beginning of the government transition

Andre Ribeiro / Futuristic Press / Studio ContentLola and the ambushGeraldo Alckmin is the general coordinator of the Lula government’s transition team

Elected Vice President Geraldo Alkmene And (PSB) said, during a press conference held on Thursday, February 3, that the transition process has begun and the names of the team will be announced on Monday, the 7th, and the statement came after a meeting with the Prime Minister in the Civil Parliament, Cerro Nogueiraand General Luis Eduardo Ramos from the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic. According to him, the process was set up with the aim of transparency. “The conversation was very fruitful. The entire flow of information was discussed and we will send it to the civil house. He said that the transition process is aimed at transparency, planning and continuity of services for the residents. The topic was the subject of the program 3 in 1Give pan youththis Thursday, 3.

for commenter Rodrigo Constantino, “Amazing, miraculous and strange things” are already happening to the new government’s transition team. “Alkmene takes the lead in the transition team as Queen of England. The economic district is in Mercadante’s hands and the political district with Gliese Hoffman, the one who defends Nicolás Maduro with teeth and nails. So we know what’s coming. There are some miracles already happening, mostly miracles in the press. Budget. Secrecy, for example, magically disappeared. The decision amendments returned and negotiations began to keep them looking more natural in the world. Another thing was that the authorship with Centrão became governable. Until yesterday, this was evidence that Bolsonaro succumbed to corruption. There are things that do not Believe it, very miraculous, strange happening and the man had not assumed yet,” he commented.

Check out the complete Jovem Pan 3-in-1, this Thursday, 3:

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