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US holds UN Security Council meeting after North Korea missile launch

US holds UN Security Council meeting after North Korea missile launch

The United States, with the support of several allies, on Thursday requested that the UN Security Council urgently meet on Friday (4) to discuss the latest missile launches by North Korea.

In addition to the US, the UK, France, Albania, Ireland and Norway have requested the meeting, which should take place in open session on Friday, a diplomatic source told EFE.

The request has been placed North Korea fired three ballistic missiles on Thursdayone of which has raised alerts in many regions of Japan, despite being unable to fly over the archipelago due to a mid-flight malfunction.

These tests come in addition to more than 20 missiles launched yesterday, amid a sharp escalation of tension in the region.

The series of launches, in response to major air exercises by South Korea and the United States this week, prompted allies to announce on Thursday that the drills, which were due to end on Friday, would be extended by a few days.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida called the North Korean launches “unbearable”, while South Korea’s National Security Council, whose meeting on Thursday was chaired by President Yoon Sok-yeol, “strongly condemned” the actions – which, according to the South Korean leader, violate UN sanctions.

The United Nations Security Council met several times this year after North Korea’s weapons tests, with the United States and other countries calling for tougher sanctions on the country.

However, Russia and China vetoed a decision in May. Since then, they have made clear that they will not accept further punishment and will hold the United States and its allies accountable for the tensions in the region.

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