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Lacracao’s twin, Mirela Santos “puts the word out” and refutes accusations of playing the role of her husband: “That is, suppressing this…”

Lacracao’s twin, Mirela Santos “puts the word out” and refutes accusations of playing the role of her husband: “That is, suppressing this…”


The influencer commented on the rumors that she pays all of her boyfriend’s bills

Mirella defends Gabriel Farias. Clone / Instagram / @mirellasantos


pregnant with her first daughter, Mirella Santos She used social media to defend her boyfriend, Gabriel Farias. It all started with rumors that she would play a surfer.

On her official Instagram profile, Gêmea Lacração opened a question box to interact with her fans. That’s when he received a letter criticizing his girlfriend’s position.

Mirela Santos finds out the baby’s gender. Reproduction: Vamosos TV – Stories

“This guy only lives to surf. He doesn’t cook and he doesn’t help you around the house.”“, one follower wrote. In response, Mirella He said Gabriel Who pays for the house and the trips they take together.

“My male chefs, my men support me, support the house I live in, and support the staff to help me! He pays for all my luxuries.” He spoke Mirella SantosAngry at this accusation.


The influencer continued, saying: “I don’t take my card. What oppression do people have on my mention? Just because he’s more interested in himself? You don’t know what he’s doing to me, no. You misunderstood.”

Mirella and Zinho are Luna’s parents. Clone / Instagram / @mirellasantos

L’s mother Luna He also said that Gabriel They paid for the entire trip to the United States. “He took me on a business trip, I took four planes, all in business class.”It started.

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He helped me with everything in English and was my translator as well. He makes me food, the best Stroganoff I’ve ever had. How oppressive, don’t think you have a man like this.”defend Mirella.

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