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suffer!  David Braz scored in the end, and Fluminense won the sport at FC Brasileirao

suffer! David Braz scored in the end, and Fluminense won the sport at FC Brasileirao

And in another match with problems in attack, Fluminense finally scored and beat Sport 1-0, last Saturday night, at the Maracana. David Braz was the one to secure the three points for Tricolor, who earned boos and chants from the “Shameless Team” shortly before the goal. The match was valid for the 30th round of the Brazilian Championship.

Champion of the night, David Brazz scored Fluminense’s winning goal against Sport (Photo: Lucas Mercon/Fluminense)

With this result, the host team, in eighth place, rises to 42 points, two points less than Internacional, in seventh place, and five points for Corinthians, who open the G6. The sport occupies 17th place, and the drop zone opens with 30 points. On the next round, he visits Flo Gremio in Porto Alegre, on Tuesdays, at 9:30 p.m. Sports hosts America-MG on Wednesdays, also at 9:30 p.m.

See the table Brasileirão

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The first good chance of the match came from Sport, with Raphael Thierry, but it was Fluminense who had the ball most of the time. So much so that Fred even opened the scoreboard in the 16th minute, but the move was eventually overturned after a review by the video referee of Samuel Xavier’s handicap in the play. Shirt 9 still had another chance with a post kick, but the defense blocked it.


Influenza continued to try to climb, but with many wrong decisions, she was not satisfied with the posts and did not hit anything on goal. The sport was still in jeopardy with Hernance in one of the few chances she had and Ewerthon requested a penalty, but the referee made no mention. On the other hand, the Rio team also made a move that led to complaints, but the penalty kick was not flagged.

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In the second half, coach Marcão chose to remove Jhon Arias and put Cazares to try to open more options up front and break Sport’s censorship. Soon after, Fred was replaced by Caio Paulista, returning the team to the traditional 4-3-3 style. The flu even had some chances, but it continued just as hard and didn’t cause any problems for goalkeeper Maelson. The sport came out a little more and was well received, but failed to balance the net.

It has improved, but…

Fluminense’s best chance came after a superb pass from Cazares to Luiz Enrique, who hit the post in what could have been a fine goal. The Ecuadorean midfielder, who was knocked out in recent matches with personal issues and muscle wear, started well and helped give the trio more dynamics, creating several plays. However, the team continued to miss a lot.


In the latter part of the match, he ended up with an unsettling move in the Maracana. After colliding head-on with Luca, Willison’s costume fell and lost consciousness. Soon the players called the ambulance, which took the player off the field. The athlete even woke up, but was breathing with difficulty, which is why he was taken to a hospital near the stadium.


The moment the audience chanted “Team Without Shame” and protested the poor performance, David Prause secured the three points for Fluminense. In the 50th minute, Marlon received the hole on the left and crossed the first post. The defender soared with his head and saw the ball hit the crossbar before entering the goal.

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data sheet
Fluminance 1 x 0 Sport

Date/time: 06/11/2021, 9 p.m.
Sweetened: Maracana, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Rule: Jefferson Ferreira de Moraes (GO)
Auxiliaries: Alessandro Alvaro Rocha de Matos (Bachelor) and Nilton Jr. de Sousa Oliveira (CE)
Video referee: Marcio Henrique de Gois (SP)

Objectives: David Prause (50min/2ºT) (1-0)
yellow cards: Marlon (FLU), Luciano Juba (SPT)
red cards:

luminous: Marcus Philip; Samuel Xavier, Nino, Lucas Claro, Marlon; Andre, Martinelli (Iago Filipe – 29 min/2ºT) and John Arias (Cazares – halftime); Luiz Henrique (Luca – 33 minutes/2ºT), John Kennedy (Abel Hernandez – 33 minutes/2ºT) and Fred (Cayo Paulista – 15 minutes/2ºT). Technician: Mark.

Sports:Melson. Ewerthon, Raphael, Thierry, Sabino, Sander; Ze Willison (Cristiano – 41 min / 2ºT), Marcao, Hernanes, Luciano Juba (Ronaldo Henrique – 47 min / 2ºT); S. Tréllez (Everton Felipe – 33 min/2ºT) and Paulinho Mocklin. Technician: Gustavo Florentine.