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Worlds 2021: EDG players reveal potential champions for their skins

a EDG won Damon Kea At the end of worlds 2021 He won his first world title. In addition to the Summoner Cup and hero episodesPlayers will also be able to choose a hero who has custom team skins.

At the post-final press conference, the EDG team was hesitant about which characters would choose to receive these skins.

Oh top laner Flanders He revealed that he is considering choosing a skin for graves where Jess. Both characters played in the 2021 World Championship Final.

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the hunter GG Still hesitant about his choice, he only replied that he would choose a hero to represent him.

O mid laner e MVP searchlight He doesn’t have a champion either, but he stressed that he would pick a champion he used in the final.

Scouts, EDG mid laner, holding the Player of the Year trophy (Photo: LoL Esports)

shooter snake Present three options for the character to win the EDG skin: Ezrael, Avelius where Lucian. If Ezreal’s request is granted by Riot, this will be the third team of champions. show all Do Mondial de losl skins.

already supported Miko It is questionable between Lulu, Yumi NS we. Of these three, the player used only Lulu in the final. Nami is also a champion who has already received a themed skin from the World Cup.

The basic rule for choosing heroes is that the player must have played the character in question at least once during the world.

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Photo of EDG lifting the 2021 World Cup
EDG is the great champion of the 2021 world (Photo: LoL Esports)

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