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Analysis: No reaction, Grêmio accuses coup even in Gre-Nal and reaches worst streak of defeats |  Syndicate

Analysis: No reaction, Grêmio accuses coup even in Gre-Nal and reaches worst streak of defeats | Syndicate

Gre-Nal’s importance was no secret. Grêmio treats it as a dividing line to initiate a reaction that is more and more limited to speech. 1-0 loss to Inter Saturday evening was the fourth in a row of the three colors in Brazil, and Worst streak in competition and in the season.

Tricolor follows in Vice Lantern with 26 points. The goal of getting out of the drop zone starts to evaporate as the rounds go by. The confidence of the improvement is stepping away from the scene and bringing the team closer to the second division in 2022.

The defeat in Beira Rio was the fourth consecutive defeat for Gremio in Brazil. It’s the worst running streak in the competition and also all year, with either coach. The team has gone longer without a win, but has never experienced a series of setbacks.

At this point, you have to try to find the team that responds with victories. I’ve also seen an evolution in many things, but the evolution we need is the wins. Gremio must win again.

– Wagner Mancini, Grêmio . coach

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Wagner Mancini started the match with three defensive midfielders in the squad, but Tricolor was hit with quick counter-attacks from the start. The first ten minutes were unstable until the team was able to find themselves on the field.

Overall, Grêmio was worse than his opponent for most of the 90 minutes. She froze this improvement highlighted by the Technical Committee and the Board of Directors despite the poor results. Especially in the first half, he was disappointed, without maintaining the atmosphere of the match with Rooster, for example.

The Colorado goal came in the last stage of the first half. Edinilson was free to receive and cross the area without being accompanied by Douglas Costa or under pressure from Lucas Silva. Tyson entered behind Rafinha, who got lost in the defences.

Douglas Costa features Edenilson and Saravia – Photo: Lucas Uebel/Grêmio

Mancini should have dissolved the trio of defensive midfielders at the end of the first half, but he came back with the same line-up.. Then he decided to remove Villasante and leave Thiago Santos and Lucas Silva on the field, which he already did in Mineirao, to put Campaz. Diego Sousa also joined, and even with less mobility, he improved the sector.

Grêmio has become more present in the offensive field. He created some opportunities, albeit with difficulty. Ferreira did not take advantage of Douglas Costa’s cross, Van Anderson stopped Marcelo Lomba inside the area and Diego Sousa headed to the goalkeeper’s defense.

Grêmio players and relegation after conceding a goal at Gre-Nal – Photo: Eduardo Moura

Victories are increasingly necessary for Tricolor to gain permanence in Serie A. But this scenario seems highly unlikely if performance on the pitch and desired results are exceeded. In the last 10 matches, only 4 points have been won. Too little for those who need to survive.

Grêmio will train again on Sunday, at CT Luiz Carvalho. The next match will be on Tuesday, against Fluminense, on the field, with the gates closed. Gabriel Chapico, Villasante, Borja, Thiago Santos and Cortez embezzlement.