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John Textor enters the ring, changes the script, and sends Botafogo Gustavo Sauer

John Textor enters the ring, changes the script, and sends Botafogo Gustavo Sauer

turn for Botafogo In the last stretch of the transfer period. If the negotiations were complicated before, John Textor once and for all entered the circle to resolve the talks with Gustavo Sauer. Glorioso came to a conclusion and pointed to the signing of the striker from Boavista-POR.

+ Iran Zahavi alludes favorably to the Botafogo project, and the club is confident of hiring mid-year

In the afternoon, p Throw! published, There was little hope of a positive outcome. Boavista insisted on paying $2 million in full (R$9.4 million, at the current rate), something Alvenegro was not willing to pay, given the available safe.

Botafogo had warned the Portuguese club that he could pay the amount, but only in installments, which was not accepted – so much so that there was a refusal and Alfinegro took steps back in the negotiations. “UOL” first published and Throw! has been confirmed.

Hours later, John Textor entered the ring and came back to negotiate with Boavista, and this time the outcome appears to be different. The American, who owns 90% of the club’s SAF, has indicated that he will comply with Boavista’s procedures and that negotiations have a redirection status. Between the player and the club, everything is already fine, and the Portuguese club is also looming positively.

Now, the parties are rushing to obtain documents and register Gustavo Sauer ahead of Tuesday, the deadline for Brazil’s transfer window. Botafogo will pay $2 million for the signing.

The 28-year-old has ten goals and seven assists in 31 games this season.

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