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Strange World: Family issues, interest in nature and plenty of adventures in Disney's new animation |  Movies and TV

Strange World: Family issues, interest in nature and plenty of adventures in Disney’s new animation | Movies and TV

Combining large-scale adventures with thrilling sequences and exotic scenes, Family drama And a group of heroes full of diversity, strange worldthe Disney animation that debuts in theaters this Thursday (24), is indeed an unusual mix🇧🇷 Directed by American Don Hall, who has had a lot of acting experience since then Operation Big Hero (2014), the movie brings in no less than seven main characters. However, the plot’s central conflicts focus on three of them: Searcher Clade, a 40-year-old farmer, his father, Jaeger, a 60-year-old explorer, and his son Ethan, a well-meaning 16-year-old teenager.

Humans and fantastic creatures unite to save Avalonia – Image: Disclosure

The three generations of the Clade family couldn’t be more different, and this is evident in the first few minutes of the animation. The story begins with Geiger leading an expedition in search of unknown lands with his son, Searcher. When the explorer encounters a storm, he decides to go on alone while the young man and the rest of the group prefer to go home with samples of a newly discovered plant called pando.

Soon after, the script took a time jump of 24 years. Pando proves to be a powerful source of energy and transforms Avalonia, the world Clade lives in. Carriages give way to flying cars, rural homes are transformed into skyscrapers and manual labor in the fields is replaced by hi-tech machines.🇧🇷 The researcher, now married with a son, Ethan, owns a pandanus farm and is hailed as a hero for bringing home the plant that accelerated the nation’s progress. However, his father was never seen again.

In an interview with CRESSER, director Don Hall explained that Searcher feels trapped between the legacy of his father, the greatest explorer of all time, and the life he built with his wife and son on the ranch. Our hero sees his father as an intrepid explorer He was never homeHall says. “The researcher set out to be the opposite. He is rooted in his family, which is why it is so hard for him when Ethan seems dissatisfied with their peaceful routine.”

In shades of red and violet, the Underground is unlike anything the champions have ever seen – Image: Disclosure

All is well in Avalonia until, mysteriously, the Pando-based fuel begins to break down. The researcher is summoned by Callisto, the charismatic head of the nation, on an expedition with the goal of discovering the cause of the problem and saving his country’s way of life. Against Searcher’s wishes, his son, Ethan, his wife, Meridian, and even the family dog, Legend, join the quest that takes them to an underground world unlike anything they’ve seen on the surface.

What they find are landscapes inspired by works such as Twenty thousand leagues under the seaWritten and classic by Jules Verne Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark🇧🇷 There, the sky has shades of red, orange and pink and many unique creatures – from cute blue slimes to wild beasts with tentacles. However, none of this is more terrifying for Searcher than the person he encounters once again in this strange world: his father, Jaeger. United under extraordinary circumstances, they will need to heal the wounds of the past and work together to bring the expedition to a safe conclusion.

With a diverse cast of heroes, the animation questions expectations passed from parents to children – Image: Disclosure

One of the main sources of inspiration for the text was the expectations that parents pass on to their children. “I grew up on a farm in Iowa [Estados Unidos] Hall says. “We had a great relationship, but as a teenager, I saw that this lifestyle wasn’t for me. The researcher and Ethan face similar dilemmas, Not what the parents expected And try to maintain the relationship though.”

Co-director and screenwriter Qui Nguyen, who is also American, confirms that the story touches on themes parents identify with as well. “I have two children and I see in my routine this tension between them Personal ambition and just being a fatherShe says. “It’s something anyone chasing a big dream understands. But we cannot forget that one of the main reasons why we want to achieve is our children. We can’t lose focus on that halfway through.”

In addition to conflicts between characters, strange world He proposes addressing the question of what could bring the energy crisis in the fictional country of Avalonia closer to the challenges it has brought weather changes that we encounter in real life. “It all started when I asked myself what world my children would inherit and what I received from my father,” says Hall. “Which planet are we leaving for the future? I would love for families to let the cinema talk about it What can we do for future generations🇧🇷 And you, ready to embark on this adventure with the little ones?

Jaeger (grandmother)
A legend in Avallonia, the 60-year-old explorer has a statue in the city in his honor. Brave and resourceful, he does not hesitate to take on any beast searching for new lands, but this obsession ends up taking him far from his family.

Researcher (dad)
Dedicated to the family, he is present in the routine of his wife and son. In his peak forties, he has worked hard to bring security and stability to everyone around him and has trouble dealing with the uncertainty of a new expedition.

Ethan (Son)
Good-natured and full of energy, this 16-year-old is close to his father, but dreams of adventures beyond the life he leads on the farm. By sneaking in on the trip, he finds an opportunity to discover more about himself.

longitude (the mother)
Protective and courageous, she finds a good reason to smile in any situation. Realizing that Ethan has snuck out of the house, Meridian joins the expedition to ensure the boy’s safety.

Brave and charismatic, Chief of Avalonia is the leader of the expedition to provide the country’s energy source.

Despite having no face, this adorable blue six-legged creature takes a liking to Ethan and will serve as a guide for the expedition to Strangeworld.

Without the slightest sense of danger, the adorable three-legged mutt tries to make friends with anything that moves, inadvertently dragging the family into various chaos.

Official poster for ‘Mundo Estranho’ – Image: Disclosure

  • Title: strange world
  • year: 2022
  • nation: United State
  • direction: Don Hall
  • Period: 100 minutes


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