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The Rock reveals his shower routine after fans questioned

The Rock reveals his shower routine after fans questioned

After Jack GyllenhaalAnd Kristen BellAnd Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Making controversial comments about showering, actor Dwayne John, aka The Rock, said he’s not part of the celebrity go-ahead when it comes to personal hygiene.

With humor, the 49-year-old former wrestler answered a netizen who decided to discuss famous people who don’t like showers and who announced that the actor would not be part of the list.

“The rock couldn’t be one of that stink and we would all be very sad if we found out otherwise,” she said. Then the actor stated that the fan was right:

No, I’m the opposite of celebrities who don’t shower. I take a (cold) shower when I get out of bed to start my day. I take a shower (warm) after exercise before work. I take a (hot) shower after I get home from work. I wash my face, wash my body, exfoliate and sing (unharmonious) in the shower. Dwayne Johnson

Netizens quickly commented on The Rock’s statement. “Almost Brazilian,” one fan joked. Another said, “That’s exactly what I expected from a legend.” One fan wrote, “I never thought hearing someone’s shower hours would make me so happy, but with all the smelly celebrities now, it really is.”

In an interview with Vanity Fair this week, Actor Jake Gyllenhaal said he has found practicing hygiene “less necessary” recently.Which led to controversy on social networks.

“I am always impressed by the fact that the bushings [de banho] come from nature. It looks like they were made in a factory, but that’s not true. Since I was young, this leaves me amazed. More and more, I find showering less necessary at times. I think, because Elvis Costello is great, good manners and bad breath don’t get you anywhere. So I’m doing it,” referring to Song “The New Lace Sleeves,” Elvis Costello.