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Camila Cabello saiu aproveitar um dia de sol em Miami, nos Estados Unidos. (Foto: Instagram)

Camila Cabello’s vents after paparazzi posted pictures of her in a bikini: ‘I’m exhausted’

Camila Cabello has been caught by the paparazzi enjoying a day at the beach in Miami, United States. However, after the release of the clicks, the singer released a long rant on her Instagram, which indicates that she is not satisfied with the situation.

“Every time I felt so weak and unprepared. I was wearing bikinis that were too small and didn’t care how I looked, so I saw the pictures and comments on the internet and was so upset.”

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“When it affected my self-esteem, I reminded myself that I was thinking about society’s ideas, not mine. A culture that has become so accustomed to an image of what a “healthy” woman’s body looks like that it’s not quite real for many women. Taking pictures, restricting eating, and excessive exercise And choosing angles that make our bodies look different from what they are at the moment and in their natural form, when we take deep breaths, when we eat a meal, when we allow the waves to ripple around us.”

In the sequence, the singer reported how much she struggles for real bodies and wants to feel good about her body. “I listen to podcasts about intuitive eating, and I follow women dealing with cellulite, stretch marks, belly, bloating, weight fluctuations and still. I’m a 20-something single woman amid tons of promotions and want to feel “happier.” Today I got a new bikini, cute outfit I put on some lip gloss, and I didn’t take anything too heavy before going into the ocean because I knew it was going to be basically a full photoshoot.”

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The artist revealed that when she realized that she was being clicked, she tried to hold the muscles in her body so hard that her stomach hurt and she could not breathe. But when he looked to the side, he saw a group of children laughing without worry and remembered that was the feeling he wanted when he was in front of nature.

“I still haven’t gotten to the point in my journey where I can’t care. Intellectually, I know that my appearance doesn’t determine how healthy or happy I am. Emotionally, the messages I receive from our world take center stage in my mind. Ironically, all therapy, and every The inner work is trying to get back to feeling like I was a seven-year-old on the beach. I’m grieving for her today. Happy, silly, breathing, pretending to be a mermaid, free. I ran to the pool area, where I hope they can’t catch me, but they hide in the bushes. Sometimes. I’m exhausted,” Camila concluded.

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