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Silvio Eustáquio Rocha, dono do restaurante Bolão II, segura a estatueta do VMA conquistada pelo Sepultura - Metrópoles

VMA astronaut appears at bar in Belo Horizonte and goes viral: I get why

An image that sparked the internet’s attention on Wednesday (November 23). The prestigious silver astronaut of the VMA (Video Music Awards), which he recently conquered Anitathe highest rack bar in Belo Horizonte.

A client of the establishment, amazed at the valuable decoration item, posted a photo on Twitter, which quickly went viral. In the photo, the statuette appears next to an image of Our Lady of Aparecida. Cigarette boxes complete the random landscape occupied by the silver astronaut. Check it out below:

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Gradually, the mystery was revealed on the social network. The award belongs to Sepultura as the Brazilian winner in the International Audience Choice category at the 1994 VMA, for Clip territory.

However, one question remains to be discovered: why did the Sepultura statue end up at the cashier of a restaurant in Minas Gerais? a capital Cities They investigated and came to answer.

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The institution in question is called Bolão II, and it is located in the neighborhood of Santa Tereza, in Belo Horizonte. The owner, Silvio Eustachio Rocha, responded to the report and explained his unusual relationship with the VMA silver astronaut.

According to Silvio, the trophy belongs to Paolo Jr., guitarist and founder of Sepultura. His name appears engraved on the statuette that adorns the restaurant with other items from the band, such as an authentication disc for UK sales of the Chaos AD (1993) album, mounted on the wall of the bar.

He is a friend of ours and he used to come here often, ”says the owner of Sepultura bassist, also from Minas Gerais.

Silvio’s astronaut received the VMA’s right after it was handed to Paolo Jr., and the award became a separate attraction in the restaurant. “There are people who cry even when they pick them up,” Silvio says with a laugh.