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Startup promises to speed up US visas with AI

Startup promises to speed up US visas with AI


One of the main complaints of people trying to get a US visa is the delay in the process

Seeks to improve the delivery process US visa For Brazilians, Semblys, a startup, developed artificial intelligence software to exploit vacancies from dropouts. The technology promises to reduce the waiting time for visa issuance by up to 90%. According to the company's co-founder Willian Huccioni, these types of vacancies currently account for 70% of those planned by the company.

“The longest part of the process is waiting for the interview. In the past, we had to spend hours looking at the website and no one can spend 24 hours. Now, for some time now, it has been a headache for those who are trying to grant visas and those advising us on the process. Due to this, we have lost job opportunities,” explains the executive. .

“Therefore, we have developed a program that sends us a notification when the interview date is released, and the interview date is released based on the new timings that end in the afternoon. Then, based on urgency and need, we accommodate our clients at these times.”

Willian Huccioni, co-founder of Semblys

The tool will automatically update the website where interviews are scheduled for embassies and find vacancies that have opened up after those who scheduled interviews a few months back have dropped out for some reason. This way, the startup explains, someone who checks in within a few days can immediately schedule an appointment.

According to Hugucioni, the moment vacancies are detected, the AI ​​alerts the company to reschedule customers within seconds. The tool was launched in September 2023 and has already handled more than 500 cases.

The wait for an interview begins after paying the consular fee and sending the documents requested by the US Embassy in Brazil. Today the visa costs US$185, approximately R$917 for B1 and B2 categories.

To rely on Semplice's service, R$299 without urgency and R$499 for urgency, with installments and cash discount. However, the co-founder says there will be adjustments due to differences in the processes for visa renewal and first visa.

To reduce waiting time and schedule a new appointment, Semblica keeps the embassy's website login or creates a login to make an appointment for the traveler. However, the founders highlight the security of customer data by using an encrypted cloud that complies with the LGPD.

Currently, Semplice serves passengers directly and cooperates with companies such as IE Intercâmbio. The startup is looking for new partnerships, saying it can best serve the corporate segment due to its high demand and also offer “special conditions”.

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