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Rwanda – UK Approves Law to Deport Migrants to Prime Time Zone

Rwanda – UK Approves Law to Deport Migrants to Prime Time Zone

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak speaks during a press conference in the Downing Street briefing room in central London on April 22, 2024, about an agreement between Britain and Rwanda to relocate illegal immigrants to the African country. Rishi Sunak promised on April 22, 2024 that flights to Rwanda to deport asylum seekers would begin “in 10 to 12 weeks”.

The British Parliament approved the enabling legislation on Monday (22). Immigrants Illegal entrants UK Sent to Rwanda Africa. Part of the law is one of promises Prime Minister British Rishi Sunak was recognized after intense debate between the two rooms, Commons and Lords. The House of Lords approved Law After deciding not to add more changes. Commoners rejected everything suggested by their peers. Legislation to that effect will now be sent King Charles III to sign permission Real. Sunak said Airplanes with immigrants who crossed illegally English channel – Between France And this England – Begins to take off within 10 to 12 weeks. The British Supreme Court ruled the initial plan illegal, saying the administration-promoted legislation was intended to treat Rwanda as a safe country.


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In November, the Supreme Court ruled that the African nation could not be considered safe because migrants could return to their home countries, which they had fled. Sunak said in a statement after the law passed the parliamentary process Press The law is “historic” and “represents a fundamental change in the equation.” Migration Global”. “We introduced the Rwandan law to prevent vulnerable migrants from making dangerous crossings and to break the business model of criminal groups that exploit them,” he announced. “It will make it clear that people who come here illegally cannot stay. Our goal now is to get the planes out, nothing short of doing this and saving lives. I am sure that will not stop us,” the Prime Minister added.

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