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Starting with CrossFit?  Know the risks of this activity

Starting with CrossFit? Know the risks of this activity

Crossfit is gaining space in the lives of those who seek to train physical exercises, but he doesn’t like the gym, he likes something more active. This method has many benefits for our physical and mental health, however, like every sport, it has its risks when it is performed poorly. If you’re just getting started, we’ve broken down some tips for you to avoid the pitfalls of CrossFit and train with style and quality.

CrossFit risks

Professor Átila Trapé, from the School of Physical Education and Sport of Ribeirão Preto at USP says: “I think there is not much specificity with regard to exercise, but in general the thinking that the most important thing is not to overload in a movement that is not well done. This is from a point of view Consideration of technique and joint movement. CrossFit has a series of more complex exercises that a student will only perform when they are ready.”

Thus, despite its many benefits, a exercise Executing crossfit without technique or supervision from an experienced instructor can result in injury to the student. The teacher explains that the beginning student should be calm when progressing not only with the exercise load, but also when performing more advanced movements. He notes that in the beginning, it’s important to do basic training before moving on to more complex exercises that require greater body awareness.


Another piece of advice the teacher gives is rest. He says: “It is important to respect rest, especially when a student has severe muscle pain. This means that the muscle is in the process of healing and at first this pain tends to appear more.”

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He added, “One of the suggestions is for the student to start practicing on consecutive days. Over time, as the organism adapts, it will realize that it will be able to do two days yes and one no. It is important to note this type of situation.”

Precautions when performing other physical activities

Although they are different movements and exercises, activities such as volleyball, football, basketball or other sports also imply physical exhaustion. Therefore, it is important to be aware of your rest and rest days after an intense CrossFit workout, so as not to overload your body and impair muscle recovery.