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According to Science, ‘Bridgerton’ star has been named sexiest man alive – Metro World News Australia

According to Science, ‘Bridgerton’ star has been named sexiest man alive – Metro World News Australia

We’re not scientists, but it sounds absolutely true to me: A new study was conducted to determine the “Sexiest Man Alive” and in it former Bridgerton star Reggie Jean Page, 35, was found to be the winner.

New report from Daily Mail He revealed that “ancient scientific research” was used to crown Reggie Jean Page as the Sexiest Man Alive. So what is the scale? Phi Beauty’s Greek Golden Ratio (used to measure facial symmetry) was applied by Dr. Julian De Silva and the man formerly known as the Duke of Hastings appear to have a score of 93.65%.

the doctor. De Silva works for Facial Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Center advanced in Harley Street, London, and apparently computerized face maps were used to arrive at these numbers. “These new computer mapping techniques allow us to solve some of the mysteries of what makes a person physically beautiful and the technology is useful when planning surgery for patients,” he said in the post.

Behind Paige on the list was Chris Hemsworth, who scored 93.53 percent. And to complete the top three, there was a flip creed And Black PantherMichael B. Jordan with 93.46 percent, third for beauty.

Other stars to make the top ten are Harry Styles (92.3%), Jude Bellingham (92.22%), Robert Pattinson (92.15%), Chris Evans (91.92%), George Clooney (89.91%), Henry Golding (87.98%) and Dwayne Johnson (86.07%).

Ever since her breakthrough role in Bridgerton, Page has been stealing viewers’ hearts. And while he sadly left the Netflix romantic series, fans can look forward to his next role in the new Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among the RebelsHe is rumored to be running the competition as the next James Bond.

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Would Mrs. Wislidon approve of this list? We think so.