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The good robot vacuum cleaner from Positivo is at a discount of R$ 480;  See reviews

The good robot vacuum cleaner from Positivo is at a discount of R$ 480; See reviews

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Some consumers report that it does not have a mapping feature, which may leave you “lost” while cleaning. There are also buyers who complain about short battery life.

Does he aspire? Yes, however, it is very wasted. Since he doesn’t map the house, he knocks on some places and stays there trying to clean the place. It comes back (slightly reversed) and hits the same spot. Then I have to use the manual control on my cell phone to steer it back and forth from that thing, getting it to the same place. In other words, it’s a good idea to supervise its cleaning, because you can intervene. Mayara

The product is great but the battery life is very low compared to the recharging time. Let me explain: The battery, fully charged, allows less than two hours of use; It takes six hours to charge. In other words, the ease of returning to base on your own to recharge is practically useless. However, I recommend it. Valdir

It’s a good product, good suction. The cloth cleans. They really don’t fall and climb on heavy, non-fluff carpets. However, it is not as smart as they say. I have a large house and the battery charge only covers a room and a half at a time. “Smart” mode is similar to Random mode in that it is a combination of cleaning modes. Which makes the cleaning process rather stupid and repetitive, making the cleaning time long, without actually ensuring that it has gone through dirty places. Rafael Lopez

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