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Do you have a Samsung?  Enjoy 80 free channels;  See list

Do you have a Samsung? Enjoy 80 free channels; See list

Gone are the days TV channels Broadcasting was the only form of television entertainment available to people.

Nowadays, many cable TV channels are becoming more popular than the national broadcast stations themselves, with more and more people joining the alternative programming schedule.

However, there is one thing that still turns many people away from cable TV: monthly fees for services.

With that in mind, the Samsung Implemented a solution to “solve” their users’ problem.

Samsung live streaming service

As an example of what happens in… flow Like Pluto TV, Rakuten TV and a few others, which offer free programming through ad funding, the South Korean brand has created Samsung TV PlusWhich collects free channels that can be accessed through the company’s devices.

Samsung TV Plus does not require registration from its users. Image: Screenshot from the official Samsung TV Plus website

However, in Samsung TV Plus There are no ads, and the user does not need to register, log in or download any application; Simply turn on your TV, find the widget and go straight to the channels.

The service is divided into categories and contains channels for movies, series, documentaries, news, children’s content and much more. In total, there are approximately 90 channels currently available. Click here And check out the full list.

It is also possible to screen mirror using Samsung TV Plus on other devices that have Smart View or AirPlay, in case iPhone.

This way, two or more people can watch the same content for free.

There are dozens of channels available, of various types. Image: Screenshot from the official Samsung TV Plus website

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It is also worth noting that Samsung TV Plus is available for smartphones in galaxyBut only outside Brazil.

This is because there is a service app available on the Galaxy Store, the app store for Samsung’s cell phone line.

Currently, Brazilian users who want to get the app need to use a VPN service to access the international Galaxy Store, and only then, they will be able to download Samsung TV Plus.