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New volunteers from the SUS National Force arrive in Rio Grande do Sul

New volunteers from the SUS National Force arrive in Rio Grande do Sul

Starting Monday (20), new volunteers from the National Force of the Unified Health System (SUS) arrive in Rio Grande do Sul. At the beginning of May, the team included 100 specialists. With the reinforcement, the number will reach 202.

This measure, according to the federal government, will allow mobile teams, with doctors and nurses, to work simultaneously in ten municipalities classified as priority.


According to the Ministry of Health, in 15 days, the SUS exceeded 3,500 consultations in Rio Grande do Sul, including 2,041 consultations in the Canoas Field Hospital alone.

The Porto Alegre unit recorded 503 visits, while the São Leopoldo unit, the most recent facility to begin operations, recorded 47 visits.

According to the ministry, the mobile teams served 887 people. A total of 56 aerial removal operations and 120 psychosocial services were carried out.

Data from the Rio Grande do Sul Emergency Operations Committee indicate that 25% of health care in the state is related to respiratory diseases, while 7% of it is related to diarrheal diseases.

Network expansion

The municipality of Novo Hamburgo, which is 78 kilometers from Porto Alegre, is scheduled to receive the fourth field hospital. The new structure will include six doctors and three nurses, in addition to nursing technicians. According to the ministry, the unit will receive patients 24 hours a day and has a capacity of between 150 and 200 daily visits.

The Ministry stressed that “assembly will begin this week and the start of operation will be announced in the coming days.”

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