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Sony is considering launching Helldivers 2 on Xbox Series

Sony is considering launching Helldivers 2 on Xbox Series

During a recent “XboxEra” podcast episode, well-known insider Shpeshal_Nick said that he learned from some sources that Sony is considering releasing its latest title, Helldivers 2. On Microsoft consoles. The title was very successful on PS5 and on PC.

Shpeshal_Nick explains that PlayStation, with a new CEO in charge, may be open to new strategic moves, such as launching “Exclusive console“On to another video game. The Microsoft and Sony gaming community has been calling for the title to come to Xbox, as the game has had crossplay since its launch.

The insider did not comment on these rumors in detail, but taking that into account Microsoft exclusive games Coming to PlayStation, it wouldn't be too surprising to see the opposite happen. look:

We know that PlayStation has a new CEO at the moment. I think the CEO might be more open to certain things. What I've heard, again, just the rumor I've heard, is that there may be some very early initial discussions about the possibility of Helldivers 2 coming to Xbox. Remember what I said though. That doesn't mean it's coming. You just said that there are very early discussions – and what I've heard is that there are some very early discussions about this. Everything could collapse. They may not agree on something; Who the hell knows? I don't know how this works. I'm just saying that from what I've heard there is some early discussion about Helldivers 2 possibly coming to Xbox.

In fact, some Xbox games, such as Sea of ​​Thieves, Driving pre-sales on competing platform In recent weeks when they became available for purchase. Hiroki Totoki, PlayStation's new interim CEO, has already talked about bringing more exclusives to new platforms to help with declining operating profits.

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Although likely referring to titles that have arrived and will arrive on PC, there is still a possibility of seeing a partnership with Xbox. It is worth noting that “MLB The Show,” a Sony game, has arrived on Xbox and also on Game Pass. However, the reason it will come to console will be due to the decision of “Major League Baseball” and not by PS.

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