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Solar storms hit Earth, Brits see the northern lights

Solar storms hit Earth, Brits see the northern lights

Earth was hit by a series of solar storms last week, caused by an explosion in the sun a few days ago. With this said, the aurora borealis could have been visualized at lower latitudes than it normally would.

This time the solar flare was moderate and the storms did not cause much concern as there is no risk of major damage to the atmosphere. The British and Americans were able to watch the spectacle in the sky.

In February of this year, a series of major storms destroyed 40 SpaceX satellites as they reached the atmosphere..

Understanding the phenomenon

Solar flares are volcanic eruptions on the surface of the Sun caused by changes in the magnetic field, which release radiation into space in the form of particles or light.

When propagated through space, this material can generate geomagnetic (or solar) storms of varying intensity, but with the potential to cause particle changes around the planet.

On the ground, damage to electrical and communication networks can occur and lead to the suspension of radio transmission and other means. The aurora borealis can also occur at the poles or elsewhere.

The brightness and duration of the aurora borealis is due to a chemical process, in which solar plasma ionizes molecules of nitrogen and oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere. Depending on the intensity of the phenomenon, the aurora can be pushed south and can be seen in regions other than the poles.

This phenomenon may become more frequent in the coming years, due to the new solar cycle of intense activity known as Solar Maximum. Each cycle lasts 11 years. In it, the surface of the Sun becomes more turbulent, expelling large amounts of radiation into space.

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