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“Solar Only Candidate” together with Diogo Nogueira – Metro World News Brasil

“Solar Only Candidate” together with Diogo Nogueira – Metro World News Brasil

Paola Oliveira41 years old, took advantage of the extreme heat on Wednesday (13) in the United States to add a tan color with… Diogo Nogueira. The actress shared two photos wearing a burgundy bikini while sunbathing, and in one of them she revealed her tattoo on her left foot, in addition to recording the moment alongside the 42-year-old samba singer. But what caught most attention was Paula’s statement, in which he emphasized that there is no place for filters, but only for the sun.

?Filter here solar energy onlywarned Paula, who some time ago chose not to use filters in her photos. His followers wasted no time and flooded the post with praise.

Currently, Paola Oliveira is in the United States accompanied by Diogo Nogueira, who has a series of professional commitments in the country. Regarding the couple’s dynamic during this trip, the actress shared details: ?Vacations for me, work for him, life that goes on for both of us…there are times when the best thing is to let life take us…and do it together?the actress recently revealed.

Meanwhile, Paola Oliveira embraces her natural beauty and ditches the filters on her photos, inspiring her followers to appreciate authenticity and confidence in their appearance.

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