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Just like Samara Filippo, remember other celebrities who have denounced racism |  Television and celebrities

Just like Samara Filippo, remember other celebrities who have denounced racism | Television and celebrities

Samara Filippo stated that her 14-year-old daughter was a victim of discrimination at the school she attended in São Paulo. Last Sunday (28), the actress took to social media to announce that the teenager is suffering from racism and that it is not an isolated case. She is the mother of two black girls as a result of her relationship with basketball player Leandrinho.

Hey Detect g1 issue. According to the portalTwo ninth-graders took Samara's daughter's notebook, tore out the pages and wrote a racial slur on one page.

Samara Filippo – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Just like Samara Filippo, other celebrities have used their social networks to report instances of racism.

Giovanna Eubank, Bruno Gagliaso, Titi and Bliss – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

“We inform you that the children of the couple Giovanna Eubank and Bruno Gagliaso were victims of racism at the Clasico Beach Club restaurant, on the Costa da Caparica, in Portugal, this Saturday, July 30, where the family is spending their vacation. A white woman, who was passing in front of the restaurant, deliberately insulted not only Titi and Bliss. , but also a family of Angolan tourists who were there – about 15 black people – who were asked by the criminal to leave the restaurant and return to Africa and other absurdities that he spoke to the children, such as “dirty blacks and we confirm,” according to the videos (see below) that have already been circulated In Brazil, Giovanna responded and confronted the woman, while her husband, Bruno Galeasso, called the police. The woman was escorted and arrested. We also inform you that Bruno Galiasso and Giovanna Eubank will file an official complaint against the racist at the Portuguese police station.

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This year, two years after the case, the Portuguese Public Ministry charged Adélia Barros with two crimes of insult and two crimes of defamation by advertising and slander on racial grounds. She is also the target of an administrative offense case for discrimination.