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TV Globo reveals details and releases “Domingão” again with Luciano Huck; Fernanda Gentile wins the game show and “Caldeirão” has changes – understand!

Hammer hit! This Thursday (22), Globo TV Finish the puzzle and announce all changes to your network on the weekends. with departure Fausto SilvaAnd the Luciano Hack will take on “Sunday” Already in September. a “if you play”, in turn, will turn off again, while Fernanda Gentile He will have an unprecedented program.

a “Celebrity Super Dance”, which was broadcast instead of Domingu Faustau, ends August 29. Since then , James Leverett He passes the wand to Luciano Hack. Huck’s new attraction will retain the traditional name “Domingão”, but will come in a new format and will debut on September 5th. According to the presenter, the program “will combine successful paintings and wonderful stories until December.” For 2022, the channel also promises plenty of news on Sunday.

Luciano Huck will take charge of the new “Domingão” from September 5th. (Photo: Divulgation/TV Globo)

With the dance of chairs, Luciano leaves “cauldron hook” And make way for a new presenter. However, no replacement or replacement was disclosed. “The name is determined to lead the attraction through the end of the year”, explained to Globo. What is known is that this new “Caldeirão” will air on the 4th of September.

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On the same date, on Saturday, the station will show a selection of films and the best moments of “Escolinha”, occupying the space that used to belong to “Se Joga”. However, Fernanda Gentile has already won a new show to name her own show! Starting in October, the journalist will be hosting a game show. Your attraction is broadcast on Sundays, in the time period before football. Phew … as the station itself says: Come here!

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Photo Originals 767 Fernanda Gentil João Miguel Jr
With “Se Joga” coming to an end, Fernanda Gentile will give a game show on Sunday afternoon. (Photo: Glovo/Joao Miguel Jr.)

Check out the full version:

“From September, enjoying weekends with TV Globo will be even more special: the station will launch a new programme, with new attractions, new presenters responsible for existing programs and a new movie session.

On August 28, Fernanda Gentile finished “Se Joga” to dedicate herself, in October, to presenting a new game, which will be shown on Sunday, before football. Starting from the following week, on the 4th of September, a Saturday afternoon will begin on the TV channel with humor and cinema: after “Sessão Comédia”, with “O Melhor da Escolinha”, “Sessão de Sábado” will be broadcast with films for the whole family. On the same date, another premiere will come: Caldeirão with a new presenter, named to lead the attraction until the end of the year.

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On August 29th, Thiago Levert will bid farewell to Sunday afternoon in the Grand Final “Super Danca dos Famosos”. On September 5th, Luciano Hack will take on “Domingão” in a format that mixes successful paintings and great stories until December. In January, Huck will launch the 2022 season of ‘Domingão’ with lots of news”.

The sponsors had pressured to anticipate the changes

Initially, it was expected that Luciano Hack would replace Fausto Silva only in 2022, and not in the second half of 2021. However, according to information from Patricia Cogot, of O Globo newspaper, there was Haste on the part of the sponsors. According to the journalist, advertisers want Huck to take over the channel’s Sunday programming soon.

As verified by Notícias da TV, there is still concern that TV Globo will not be strong on Sunday until the end of the year. That’s because the biggest campaigns for brands take place on commemorative and special dates like Children’s Day, Black Friday and Christmas. Thus, if there is not much attraction at that time, the advertising firms may incur losses.

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Although the network originally thought of creating Sunday from scratch, there’s a chance Huck will bring some of what he’s already doing on Saturday afternoons to the new attraction. According to Cristina Badiglioni, of Folha de São Paulo, this will be the will of the presenter. a “Visit the past”, for example, can be entered as an option in the traditional “secret archive”. In Luciano’s painting, the homes of celebrities are “reconstructed”, ensuring emotional stories and moments between the artists and their families. We can’t help but wait to check out the new “Domingão”!

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After 32 years on the air, Fausto Silva left “Domingão do Faustão” and had no way of saying goodbye to him. (Photo: Globo/Z Paolo Cardinal)

Changes after Faustão’s sudden departure

It was previously scheduled for December, that Faustão’s sudden departure was predicted by TV Globo. This announcement was made on June 17 by the channel that claimed “Strategic and internal reasons“To terminate the contract of more than 32 years. Faust has already turned بدوره She signed a contract with Band. The station is evaluating whether it will debut this year.