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“understood by sight”;  Clara Castanho talks about starring alongside Maisa Silva in a Netflix series

“understood by sight”; Clara Castanho talks about starring alongside Maisa Silva in a Netflix series


After her success in “Bom dia Verônica”, Clara Castaño joked about being “on the court” while working with her fellow professional.

“You understand in your eyes”; Clara Castanho opens up about acting with Misa

actress Clara Castanho He excels in Netflix productions and is keen to follow his friends in his success. She recently commented on how it felt to work with one of her close friends, Maisa Silva. The two are part of the cast of the series De Volta aos 15, which is available on the streaming platform.

During a conversation with Quem, which took place during the artist’s time in The Town, she explained that she has a lot of synergy with the actress. “I’m at home, I’m on the field [risos]. Obviously we have a lot of respect for the group [de gravações]“But we are home,” Clara Castaño explained, smiling.

And even communicate with Misa Silva It’s different, the actress doesn’t need to say anything! “[A gente] If you understand it with your eyes, it is the best air we can breathe,” she said, stressing that working with her friend makes everything easier. It is worth noting that the two traveled together this year to Los Angeles, United States.

On social media, the artists celebrated the flight at the time: “I finished after I didn’t know how many hours of flight.” […] “This is our first really long trip together, isn’t it, my friend?” Misa announced. “This is my first time in Los Angeles,” Clara Castanho highlighted.

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