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See the official list of confirmed participants through Record TV News

See the official list of confirmed participants through Record TV News

Record has begun releasing the official list of participants for the 2022 season farm This Tuesday (6). This is already confirmed in the 14th edition of Rural Reality: Elaine Cardoso, Rovinha de Martí, Deborah Albuquerque, Tomas Costa and Iran Malfitano.

Through the lottery, the top six celebrities will be confirmed during a live press conference at Hoje em Dia. a the news The text will be updated according to the announcer’s disclosure.

first famous Elaine Cardoso has been revealed!, is a 41-year-old dancer and wife of singer Naldo Beni. With 2.3 million followers currently on Instagram, she hopes to return to the spotlight on reality. “Vision is very high and it comes at a very good time for me. I’m thinking positively,” she said during the press conference.

Annie Bergaten Known online as Ruivinha de Marte, was the second confirmation. funkeira has gained prominence due to the clumsy dances on TikTok. The Amazone explained why she accepted the invitation to the program: “[Entrei pela] Fame and money, I still aim to give the best to the family. I want to gain a new audience, which is the TV audience, and I want to have more exposure as a singer as well.”

Power Brazil 5 runner-up, Deborah Albuquerque It was revealed later. With her reputation as a wanderer, she admitted that she sees A Fazenda as another opportunity to appear on TV. She said, “I do everything to appear. I love it, I’m an artist by birth. I’ve always studied hard to become a TV presenter, but I’ve done thousands of things to reach that goal.”

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Larissa Manuela’s ex-boyfriend and ex-Ilha Record, was the first confirmed male cast member. The actor is also best known for playing the role of Daniel in the TV series Carrossel (2012), by SBT. Currently single, he has risen to prominence on OnlyFans, and has stated that he is focused on award winning reality show and is ready to take on the haters.

On air in the reboot of A Favorita (2008) on Globo, Iran Malfitano will also be in rural reality.

When does Farm 14 start?

The 2022 season officially begins on Tuesday, September 13th. However, the Record the premiere the day before, with Adriane Galisteu and Rico Melquiades. They will present the new headquarters and reveal the full list of participants in the reality show, as well as open the door to voting for the magazine.

Also on the twelfth day, viewers will see the arrival of the entire cast at Itapesirica da Serra. Famous contractors have been pre-booked in a hotel since last Sunday (4). The Champion Prize remains at R$1.5 million.

What is treasury?

The magazine has a similar dynamism to the Big Brother Brasil’s glass house. Four infantrymen will be confined to a location away from headquarters, and the public will vote to select only one who will join the remaining 20 participants at the start of the program.

As soon as the chosen one enters reality, starting from the second week of the program, the store structure will be transformed into Rancho do Fazendeiro. The commander will be able to choose allies who will be able to enter the room to celebrate the achievement and formulate strategies.

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