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Former aides identify themselves as 'Sussex survivors'

Former aides identify themselves as ‘Sussex survivors’

Meghan Markle, 41, was reportedly described as a “narcissistic sociopath” by her former staff at the British Royal Palace. The information was revealed by aides who worked with the duchess before she left the royal palace and was published in Valeria Law’s book “Excerpts from the Entourage: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown”.

Meghan and Prince Harry will no longer be officially part of the royal family in January 2020 And soon after that, they moved to Los Angeles, United States. In an official statement, the couple confirmed that they intend to split the time between United kingdom and North America.

An excerpt from the work published by the Sunday Times notes that the former employees call themselves members of the “Sussex Survivors Club” and that Meghan was “deliberately leaving a trail of evidence” because she had carefully planned her departure from the royal family.

The book says the Duchess’ former advisers came to believe that the royal family’s departure was premeditated and that “one of Meghan’s concerns was whether she could make money for herself”.

“She wanted to be rejected because she had been obsessed with this novel from day one,” a former employee told the writer.

The book also claims Meghan’s ex-team became convinced Harry’s wife wanted to show how the establishment had let her down.

A source revealed: “Everyone knew the institution would be judged on the Duchess’ happiness. The mistake he made was thinking she would be happy.”