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Secret!  10 “Hidden” Android Emoticons You Must Try

Secret! 10 “Hidden” Android Emoticons You Must Try

Android phones are full of amazing features and functions, but did you know that there are secret codes that can reveal more information about your device? We are going to introduce the main ones on Android phones so that you can try them out. They will surprise and make your experiences more interesting.

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Get ready to explore these ten Tricks and its functions.

One of the most famous is *#06#. With it, you will find out your device’s International Mobile Equipment Identity Number, known as IMEI. This information is useful to verify the origin of the smartphone and ensure its authenticity.

Have you ever thought about turning off your cell phone automatically, without having to navigate through options menus? Through the code ## 7594 ## it is possible to change the behavior of the power button and turn off the phone immediately.

If you need to place a call without showing your number to the receiver, the *#31# code can be very useful. With this combination it is possible to make anonymous calls, between mobile phones and landlines.

  • Firmware information

when it comes to performance root Or install a custom ROM, knowing your phone’s firmware version is key. Using the code * # 1234 #, you will have access to detailed information about the PDA, bootloader and other device drivers.

The code *#021# reveals information about a file links Your cell phone is not answered. If for some reason a call is not answered due to lack of signal or other adverse circumstances, it is possible to forward it to the operator or even to another contact of your choice.

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Do you need to check various information about your phone? The code ##4636## is what you are looking for. With it, you will be able to access data such as battery charge level, mobile network status, IMEI, and more.

If you want to quickly check the software version of your Android device, just type ##1111##. This information is especially useful for knowing if your phone is up to date.

  • Hardware Diagnostics (Samsung)

Samsung device users can access the hardware diagnostic menu using the code #0#. In this menu, it is possible to test various cell phone functions, such as vibration, camera, speakers, and screen color calibration.

  • Hardware Diagnostics (Motorola)

If you have a Motorola cell phone, ##2486## allows you to access an exclusive test menu for these devices. However, it is possible to evaluate performancescreen, sensors, vibration, among others.

  • Hardware Diagnostics (Xiaomi)

For Xiaomi device users, the sequence ##64663## opens the full device test menu. In it, you can check the operation of all hardware components.

Remember that these symbols must be used with caution, that is, responsibly.