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This app is killing your phone battery, but you don’t know

This app is killing your phone battery, but you don’t know

Anyone who uses their cell phone on a daily basis to perform many tasks knows that an app can be very useful, whether in their professional or personal routine. but, There are some tools that can drain your device’s battery Moving Thus it is necessary to pay attention to this issue.

in the beginning , Google He has a tool that can be considered the great villain in this story. In fact, its use significantly increases the battery consumption of its users’ mobile phones. The tool uses some significant resources for its operation which are disadvantageous.

It is an application google maps, which is considered Big consumer of cell phone battery, resulting in the mobile device downloading in less time than expected. For this reason, its users should take some precautions and be extra careful.

one of the reasons Excessive battery consumption of smartphones that use Google Maps, is that the tool needs continuous access that allows the user’s real-time location to be determined. Therefore, the application consumes much more power than other publicly known applications, such as social networks.

Energy consumption

Actually, it is Google Maps It consumes mobile phone battery much more than other applications which are widely used by its users, such as Instagram, WhatsAppAnd Facebook and TikTok. Thus, it is necessary for a person to know some ways to achieve greater savings in its use.

A great way to save your smartphone battery when using Google Maps is to download the maps offered by the app. In addition, access to the Site should be restricted when the mobile device is not in use. It is possible to make good use of the tool without major problems.

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As mentioned, the Google Maps It consumes a lot of battery due to the fact that it uses GPS in real time. Moreover, the mobile device ends up performing a large number of tasks while the app is fully running, which can quickly drain the battery.

We can cite some actions that can be harmful to a cell phone’s battery, such as checking internet connections, downloading maps, and traffic reports, as well as keeping the screen on to show directions. Users also in many cases listen to music and podcasts while playing Google Maps.

Cell phone battery – Google Maps / Source: pixabay

Battery shortage

Moreover, with all these actions that work instantly, in a short time the device’s battery cell phone It alerts its users that it is low on energy. Fortunately, they can disable GPS and other geolocation methods, which exclusively use the Google Maps app.

With this procedure, you can save battery consumption during the day. By downloading app maps, you can also save a lot, ensuring that your cell phone works for a longer period of time. By the way, when you download maps from Google, you can view them later without an Internet connection.

To disable the location tool Google Maps On mobile devices with the Android operating system, it is necessary to open the “Settings” application, go to the “Location” section, and look for the “App Permission” option. Next, find Google Maps in the list of apps and tap on it.

Next, users have to select the “Allow only while using the app” option. On iOS devices, you need to access the Settings app, the Privacy & Security section, and then Location Services. You should find Google Maps in the list and then select the “When using the app” option.

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Apps that consume battery power

It should be noted that some other Google apps do not consume as much battery power as the Maps app. We can highlight the search engine, Google Images, google drive and Gmail. This is due to the fact that they do not use many simultaneous processes, and therefore spend much less energy on smartphones.

In conclusion, it is possible to use all these Google apps efficiently, without compromising the battery of the mobile phones. So, users can have these tools at hand without worrying that their mobile device will stop working during their day, on their professional or personal tasks.