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Useful or dangerous?  Artificial intelligence can revolutionize phone calls

Useful or dangerous? Artificial intelligence can revolutionize phone calls

Did you know that artificial intelligence could put an end to something many Brazilians are comfortable with: having to wait minutes and even hours for a phone call service. the Technique You can fake your voice and solve the problem once and for all. Is this fun, useful or dangerous? Understand how it works.

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who did not waste much time on a connection even served? It might be resolving a credit card problem or scheduling some additional services on an airline ticket. Any kind of phone service is usually a pain in the ass!

The good news is that technology can now help you with that.

Artificial intelligence in a phone call

Joshua Browder, Founder and CEO do not payPost a video to introduce the new creation. It is a tool that helps people who cannot spend a long time on a phone call. To solve this problem, they will rely on the help of artificial intelligence.

The technology uses a person’s voice while waiting for a response. According to Joshua, one example is the long wait for a response from the bank: “This is the ideal use case for AI. Nobody has time to argue over the phone over $12.”

The company has established several sounds Designed to stay on the phone. Anyone who wants real voices will have to pay for it, as it’s a feature aimed at high-end customers. They will have access to a bot with their own voice.

The cost of the original voice will be higher because it requires more customization work, but it is as natural as possible. DoNotPay has created creations that excite people all over the world.

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The company even invented a “lawyer.” Robot“.

The main objective is to ensure the replacement of professionals with the aim of achieving financial savings. At least that’s what the company explains about the creation. In 2015, DoNotPay launched a kind of Chat bot that provided legal advice to consumers who received high late bill fees.