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Scientists are skeptical about tests indicating the effectiveness of Sputnik V

Scientists are skeptical about tests indicating the effectiveness of Sputnik V

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In a letter to the scientific journal The Lancet, A group of nine researchers led by Enrico Pucci, from Temple University (USA), refers to what he called ‘Data discrepancy’ e ‘Substandard reports’ In the publication of the results of the Phase 3 test of the Russian Sputnik V..

In February of this year, the Lancet itself published a preliminary study by Russian scientists 91.6% indicated that the prevention was effective against asymptomatic cases of the disease.

“Restricted access to data makes it difficult to trust research. Access to data in support of the results of the study is essential for verifying and confirming the claimed results. It is even more dangerous if there are obvious errors and numerical inconsistencies in the statistics and the results presented. Unfortunately, this appears to be the case. What happens in the case of the tests of the third stage of the Sputnik V “.Says the letter signed by the Pucci Group.

“Several experts found problematic data in the published results from Phase I and II. We made several independent requests to access the primary data set, but they were never answered.”, Follows the message, adding that the interim results of Phase 3 “Raising serious concerns again”.

The group card ends as follows:

We call on researchers, once again, to make public the data on which their analysis is based. We also call on the editors of The Lancet to clarify the consequences of continuing to deny access to the data needed to evaluate outcomes, should the authors persist in denying it.

in April, Anvisa refused a request from the governors to import the Russian vaccineWhat or what Sparked a diplomatic crisis.

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