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The 5 most crowded cities in the world

The 5 most crowded cities in the world

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The widely known ‘traffic jam’ is one of the most annoying and annoying things about living in big cities. Congestion not only wastes time and fuel but also consumes the patience of drivers who spend a long time standing without going anywhere. In this sense, some Cities are more crowded Who else, and this has worsened, especially after the pandemic. For this reason, see below what these cities are and how many hours a person spends in traffic jams.

Cities with the highest rates of traffic congestion around the world


London – Source: wikimedia.org

To drive in London, the world leader in commuting difficulties, a driver will need to spend 156 hours in traffic jams a year, 5% more than before the pandemic. Britons spend more time in traffic jams than anyone else in the world.



In this US city, drivers need, on average, 115 hours of traffic per year. Tired just thinking about it. Chicago has increased congestion charges by more than 40% over the past few years.


Paris – Source: wikimedia.org

The French Center of Interest is one of the few on the list that has seen a drop in traffic over the past year. Despite this, drivers need and spend about 138 hours a year stuck in traffic whether they want to or not.



The densely populated capital of the US state of Massachusetts requires its residents and tourists to travel through its streets exactly 134 hours a year. This is 72% of what the city was like before the pandemic.

New York

New York Source: wikimedia.org

New York so famous, precisely because of its wide visibility around the world, requires 117 hours a year of those who pass it in unbearable traffic jams, which is 15% more than 3 years ago, in the pre-pandemic period.

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