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Lutheran Church of America Chooses 1st Transgender Bishop: 'Trance People are Beautiful Daughters of God' |  The world

Lutheran Church in the United States elects its first transgender bishop: “Transsexuals are beautiful girls to God” | Scientist

Evangelical Lutheran Church United State He was elected on Monday (12) pastor Megan Rohrer To hold the position of bishop in the region that occupies northern California and northern Nevada. And the The first time that a non-binary transgender person has been elected to a leadership position in a major American Christian community.

“Lutherans have declared once again that transgender people are beautiful girls to God,” Rohrer said in a statement after the election.

The 41-year-old Rohrer actually made history in 2006 when the first transgender Lutheran pastor was ordained in the United States. He also served as a chaplain in the San Francisco Police Department. He was known for his activism with street dwellers, and gained fame when he appeared in the TV series Queer Eye.

Megan Rohrer, who has been elected Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the USA, in a photo archive – Photo: Sierra Pacific Synod / Reproduction

On social media, Rohrer said his election to head a high position in the American Lutheran Church is inspiring. “If my election confuses you, maybe this confusion inspires you to notice all the other wonderful things God did that you may have missed,” he said.

He added, “God’s call extends to more people than you expect, in more places than you expect, and in many cases more than you expect.”

Rohrer, who will lead this synod for the next six years, received 209 votes to 207 from Reverend Jeff R. Johnson, pastor of the University of California.

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