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Scientific and cultural youth centers receive certification and are integrated into the network of schools associated with UNESCO

Scientific and cultural youth centers receive certification and are integrated into the network of schools associated with UNESCO

The Youth Science and Culture Centers (CJCC) located in the municipalities of Vitoria da Conquista, Barreras, Erese and Señor do Bonfim – units of the State Education Network of Bahia – have received certification from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and are now part of the UNESCO Associated Schools network ( RedePEA), which began in 1953. As a member of the UNESCO Associated Schools Network, institutions receive a symbolic plaque and commit to supporting UNESCO’s mission and putting into practice its global goals in teaching and learning. And in the concrete actions that have been implemented.

Among the benefits of the association with UNESCO, school units will have access to the body’s thematic guidance, specialist knowledge and teaching and learning resources, as well as more practical learning opportunities for students and professional learning for teachers; Participation in global campaigns, celebrations and competitions on UNESCO priorities, as well as further opportunities to establish close contacts, cooperation and partnerships with participating schools in more than 180 countries around the world; access to the RedePEA online platform; Among others.

Student Nicole Beltrao, 16, who is participating in a workshop called “Descomplicando o Português” at the CJCC in Vitoria da Conquista, spoke about the impact of certification on learning. “With the UNESCO seal, CJCC will be recognized for the excellence of the work carried out. This will attract the attention of more students to come to the unit and will open areas of opportunities for studies and reflections on culture, social, environmental, culture of peace, equity and others.”

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Student Isabel Bastos, 16 years old, who is leading the “Creative Writing” workshop in the IRISI unit, celebrated her victory with a stamp and plaque installation. “The CJCC is very important for students in our territory, and now that it has received the UNESCO seal, it proves that the Center follows the goals of the UN-related entity and advocates for education in the world,” he commented. .

Schools already covered – The state education network also has another school unit already recognized. This is the Coroa Vermelha Indigenous College, located in Aldea Coroa Vermelha, in Santa Cruz Cabralia. The following Agricultural Family Schools (EFA) and Rural Family Houses (CFR) are also included: Casa Família Agroflorestal do Baixo Sul da Bahia, in Nilo Peçanha; Country family house in Egrabiona, in Egrabiona; and Presidente Tancredo Neves Rural Family House, in Presidente Tancredo Neves.

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