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Medical cannabis continues to combine science and spirituality to this day

Medical cannabis continues to combine science and spirituality to this day

for every Cynthia de Carlo

From the scientific side and the spiritual side, I encountered the history of the cannabis plant from 2700 BC in ancient China, followed by ancient Egypt, where it was distinguished, in addition to its use in medicine, in rituals and spiritual ceremonies, due to the high concentrations of THC found in the lungs of mummies dating back to the year 950 B.C.E.


Recently, thanks to the Israeli scientist and “father” of medical cannabis, Raphael Mecholam, we have been able to see the scientific properties of medicinal cannabis that have been proven and approved, serving many clinical diseases; Emphasis on its perfect interaction with the human body, as it was proven; formation and formation of the endocannabinoid system that receives plant components; In many cases, it helps restore the proper balance (homeostasis) of the human body.

In dental practice, when I analyze clinical cases in my office, this is already in the anamnesis, and sometimes through the life history reported by the patient, I can clearly relate their pathology to the imprinted lifestyle of our society.

Certain lifestyles, personality traits, and occupations are overestimated in our society. Disappointment and frustration with yourself can arise when these expectations are not met, especially when the same is expected of the family and partner.

This social pressure, which is the name given to the demands of society, can also extend to family members, friends and partners, who can and end up putting pressure on us, depending on the demands of the external environment, making them difficult to resist.

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This constant process of frustration and frustration ends up affecting, for the most part, the regularity and quality of our daily diet and sleep, not to mention that we are still exposed to processed foods, which ultimately leads to an increase and strengthening of inflammatory processes in the body. In this vicious circle, there are always vital imbalances, not to mention disbelief and loss of faith in themselves, and spirituality enters here.

I emphasize this above, based on the teachings of numerous scientific studies, which investigate potential new ways of treating diseases that are considered incurable, or difficult to treat, by understanding the true causes of diseases, which involve not only the body, but also the soul.

So let’s think:

What is health?

Health is the complete and harmonious energy of the organism in the biological, psychological and social spheres.

What is the disease?

and the Imbalance From health, with the deterioration of the human organism, and, consequently, all diseases have something in common …

What is Cure?

Healing is the process of restoration, restoration and Balance the health.

The role of cannabis in treatment

Medicinal cannabis, due to its muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anxiolytic, euphoric, sedative and sleep properties, has been prominent in the treatment of these ailments, bringing to patients the restoration of health and, when this is not possible in the aggregate, bringing harmony to the body, restoring the quality of Life and luxury.


Increasingly abundant information and articles with clinical evidence and reports contribute to increasing the population’s awareness of integrative, holistic, and shamanistic practices, which add spirituality and humanity to treatments, thus achieving better results.

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It is worth remembering that positive results in treatments, whether herbal, natural, spiritual or therapeutic, come from the synergy of body, mind, spirit, and science.

Health professionals need to be fundamentally connected to science, but they also need to leave aside prejudice and skepticism, and nurture faith and belief, that there is a greater force that moves us.

The opinions expressed in this article are personal and lie with their authors.

About the author:

Cynthia de Carlo He is a dental surgeon, graduated 31 years ago from UNITAU, a graduate in Periodontics, Implantology and Pediatrics. He is a dentist at CECMedic (Center for Cannabis Excellence) and a member of SBEC (Brazilian Society for the Study of Cannabis).