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Erika Schneider appears on the web crying and worrying fans |  News

Erika Schneider appears on the web crying and worrying fans | News

Erica Schneider is shown crying on the web Reproduction/Instagram

Erica Schneider Fans worried on his Twitter on Monday (9) when he appeared crying with a click. The influencer is undergoing mental health treatment and recently suffered an anxiety attack in Milan.

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“The days of struggle are the days of glory,” she said in a post on her social media page.

Some followers asked: What happened? She also received messages of support, such as “Don’t stay like this, you are so wonderful and precious to us, everything will be fine,” and “Be well, my love… remember that everything in life is a phase.” Those better days will come.”

Erika Schneider – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Most recently, when she said she was so nervous at an event in Milan that she had an anxiety attack and ended up ripping out her hair extensions. “I cried a lot because I’m so nervous. I’m so anxious. There’s a lot going on,” the former Faustau dancer wrote in the photo’s description.

He added, “I will explain to you: I am very nervous, because I will now score in Milan. It is a dream for me. I am very happy, but I am very nervous, very nervous.” The model, who took the train in Rome, said: “I’m more nervous now, because I thought we’d missed the station. We have to get off at Milan station. I’ve never taken a train here in Italy before.”

Erika Schneider – Photo: Thiago Larentes / Disclosure

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