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São Paulo x Flamengo: Are idols really immortal?

São Paulo x Flamengo: Are idols really immortal?

Andre Plihal, blogger at ESPN.com.brSeptember 23, 2023, 1:00 p.mReading: 3 minutes.

Lucas Moura, from Sao Paulo, and Gabigol, from Flamengo, 2023 Brazilian Cup finalists.ESPN Art/

Are idols really immortal? What is the “advantage” of being single? If you find my questions clear, I invite the reader to talk about the idols and finalists for Brazil Cup.

Gabigol decided on two Libertadores to Flamingo. He won it all there, with a ridiculous protagonist. This does not prevent him from going through periods of wear and tear with the masses. While some consider him the second greatest player in the club’s history, such a situation does not support five or six empty matches.

The fragility of the relationship between idols and fans does not only occur in Brazil. I remember Cristiano Ronaldo very well real madrid. He scored hundreds of goals in a season, but when he entered a less positive phase, he was hit from all sides. Of course, being a god worshiped by millions of people does not allow the idol to do whatever it wants.

In this sense, Gabigol drops the ball repeatedly, it’s true. However, as a fan I ignore any mistake made by an idol that is not considered a crime. Yes, as an idol you tolerate almost everything, even playing ten games in a row poorly, and depending on the circumstances, even playing against an opponent.

The current Flamengo has a lot of stars, in addition to Gabigol. Hey Sao Paulo, no one. Lucas? Hmm, okay. I admit to those who consider him one. Just!

This Sunday (24), around 6pm, if São Paulo does not lose to Flamengo, Lucas will be with us. Captain Rafinha, a Super Cup winner in his career, one of Flamengo’s great stars of 2019, will become an idol at his favorite club; Arboleda, the oldest and most regular member of the cast, will become an idol; Luciano, ditto; Jonathan Calleri, who was stupidly questioned before the first game of the final, will become an idol. Dorival Júnior is another person who will join the gallery of important names in the history of the tricolor. The list can expand from the moment a player not mentioned here performs a feat, such as Mineiro in 2005 (with that historic goal against Liverpool in the Club World Cup final).

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The first Brazilian Cup champion in the history of São Paulo, if the title comes, of course, will be in the drawer of good memories forever, I have no doubt. Now, honestly, I don’t know if Sao Paulo would have behaved any differently than Flamengo fans.

Guys, I have seen ungrateful people cursing the rai, cursing Ruggero Ceni, or gold and silver, or silver and gold on the platform of tricolor idolatry. This happened because they both decided to risk their impeccable image as players working for São Paulo in other roles. What a huge risk! I don’t recommend it to anyone.

Going back to those doubts from the beginning, which no longer seem so clear, what’s the point of being an idol? The answer is easier said than done. No matter how poor a fan’s memory is, no matter how demanding and impatient he is, he will always remember what that player did to become an idol.

You will only become an idol if you are a hero. Preferably a major accomplishment. The red and black side of the final knows what this is; Tricolor has the opportunity of a lifetime to experience the taste of a heavy cup. The taste of eternal love.