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Ceara draws with Chapecoense with a goal from Luiz Otávio in stoppage time – Play

Ceara draws with Chapecoense with a goal from Luiz Otávio in stoppage time – Play

Hey Ciara He didn’t play well but he managed to equalise Chapecoense In Series B. The two teams faced each other at Arena Conda, this Saturday (23). Giovanni Pavani scored the first goal of the match in the first half. In stoppage time, Luiz Otavio equalized for Alvinegro. With this result, Alvinegro fell to 11th place in the standings and became increasingly distant from the dream of reaching it.

How was the game?

The match started out very busy from both sides. Eric tried to pass crosses to find his teammates in the area, but he struggled to be marked by the opponent. On one of the opportunities, he found Barletta, who shot towards the goal, but saw the ball cross the baseline. Chibi responded with a shot by Pavani, who received the ball inside the penalty area and shot it powerfully over the post.

Another good chance for Alvinegro also started with the number 11. Eric made contact with Saolo Mineiro, who turned off the lights and left the ball to Barletta. He kicked hard, but got out.

Marcinho looked dangerous, facing marking and lifting the ball into the area. He activated Victor Ferraz and Henrique Dorado, but Bruno performed well in defence. Nazario also had a great chance from a free kick. After intense persistence, Chibi succeeded.

In the 36th minute, after Marcinho’s play, the ball fell to Pavani, who opened the scoring at Arena Conda with a wonderful goal. Alvinegro is still trying to build up the attack with Leo Santos trying to find Barletta. Eric continued to suffer from the labeling. With no effectiveness from Ciara, the score went into half-time at 1-0 for the home team.

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The second quarter started with Ciara applying the pressure. Eric finished dangerously in the middle, but it was saved by Ayrton. In another move, Janderson tried to pass to Saulo Mineiro, but he missed. Although the team had more possession of the ball, the team was not effective.

Eric and Jean Carlos shot the ball on the edge of the penalty area but were stopped by marking. Shortly afterwards, Luiz Otávio headed the ball and sent it wide. Xavi appeared only a little offensively, but he was able to create more danger. Felipe Ferreira arrived quickly on a quick counter-attack, but shot wide.

The match started to get very chaotic. In a new move, Felipe Ferreira ended the danger. The ball hit Luiz Otavio and went out of the net. In the next step, the ball fell to Mancha after a corner kick. The full-back shot the first ball and Andre Luiz made a great save.

In the 42nd minute, 2Janderson arrived from the left flank and sent on Saulo Mineiro, who shot the ball from the first time and forced Airton into a fantastic save. In the 53rd minute, Luiz Otavio took advantage of the ball and shot it from outside the penalty area. The ball was deflected on the halfway line, denying goalkeeper Ayrton a chance to save. In the final minutes, Ceara snatched a 1-1 draw against Chibi.