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Huddersfield advances in the interest of Lazaro and is close to contracting with the Flamingo jewel, which Huddersfield advances in favor of Lazaro and is about to contract with the Flamingo jewel | Vinnie’s column

Lazaro works for the U-17 teamAlexander Laurero / CPV

Written by Venê Casagrande

Posted on 05/06/2021 19:13 | Updated 05/06/2021 19:14

The fact that Flamengo has a highly qualified team full of outstanding players means that the club is unable to take advantage of players who make promises from the basic category. Such is the case of attacking midfielder Lazaro, who is currently in the under-20 category, but is on the verge of leaving Robro Negro to play English football. Huddersfield showed an interest in the jewel, and he advanced into negotiations as he close to his contract.

Huddersfield’s interest in Blazaro is old and began in January, when the same English club tried to sign Lincoln, but at the time, the talks did not develop. In recent weeks, representatives of the championship team have called the attacking midfielder’s agents again, and talks have flared up again.

Another English championship club has shown interest in Lazarus, Birmingham. Huddersfield is in more advanced negotiations, but if it takes too long to seal the contract, the competitor can join the fight and give the competitor a hat.

Huddersfield’s idea, according to the report, is to hire Lazaro for a one-year loan (until mid-2022), with an option to buy 60% of the economic rights for 3 million euros, about 20 million Saudi riyals at the current rate. Consequently, Flamengo will retain 40% of a player who plays in a highly visible league that usually makes big sales in the Premier League, the major league in England.

Flamengo realizes that Lazaro is a big promise of Brazilian football, with the right to score in the Under-17 World Cup for the national team, and a player who can perform within the four lines of the professional team. However, the board balances the fact that the attacking midfielder is unlikely to get chances with Ruggiero Cene, who has already indicated internally that he has no intention of using them. In fact, the coach chose to give Pepê chances (today in Cuiaba), request to renew his contract, and keep Lazaro in the U-20 team.

So, the red and black board gave approval to the Lazzaro representatives so that they could continue negotiations either with Huddersfield or even with Birmingham, because they understand that at this moment, the best option is to negotiate with Lazaro to win the shot, experience, and who knows, do a good sale in the future.

Lázaro is set as the newest gem on the Flamengo base - the clone
Lázaro has been designated as the newest gem on the Flamengo baseReproduction

Another point affecting Flamengo’s favor of obtaining the loan is that Lázaro’s contract with Robro Negro lasts until March 2025. That is, if the call-up option is not used, the attacking midfielder returns to the club with more experience and who knows, it is more likely to be used in the cast Professional.

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The family also sees the transition to English football as a great path to Lazaro’s career. In addition to already realizing that the boy will have few chances in the professional team, relatives are also considering developing off the field, such as the opportunity to learn English, something that is highly valued by European clubs seeking contracts from Brazilian players.

Lazaro is 19 years old and considered a very promising young man. His best season was in 2019, at Flamengo U-17, when he played 24 matches and scored 23 goals, reached impressive numbers and won big titles, such as the Brazilian U-17 League as well as the Brazilian U-20 League, where he entered some of his matches. Matches for the team above.