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Sao Paulo will discuss with Calleri the necessity of surgery to treat an ankle injury  Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo will discuss with Calleri the necessity of surgery to treat an ankle injury Sao Paulo

Hey Sao Paulo Starting today, during the team’s replay, it will be discussed whether Calleri should undergo surgery to treat an injury to his right ankle. The player wants to undergo surgery to get rid of the pain he has been suffering from since last March.

Last Sunday, after winning the Copa do Brasil, Calleri revealed that he would undergo surgery, meaning he would no longer play this season. The option is most likely, but it has not yet been defined.

Calleri celebrates the Brazilian Cup title – Photography: Marcos Riboli

Calleri was injured during the Paulista Championship, in a match against São Bernardo, and at that time, surgery was considered, but conservative treatment was performed. The striker spent about 45 days without playing.

– I suffer from an ankle injury, and I did not recover well. Conservative treatment has allowed me to play so far, but it is really holding me back. I already told everyone that if we become champions I will fix my ankle. After winning, I will have surgery – said No. 9.

Calleri, from Sao Paulo, says he has been injured since March and will undergo ankle surgery

One possibility is to even avoid the operation Sao Paulo They enjoy a quieter position in the Brazilian championship standings, currently sitting in 14th place with 28 points, three points above the relegation zone.

The pain is bothering Calleri, but it is not enough to spare him from training and matches. Therefore, surgery, if it is the chosen option, is not considered urgent.

Cast Sao Paulo He had the day off on Monday, the day after his Copa do Brasil win, and will perform again on Tuesday afternoon.

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