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Why does Flamengo see optimism with Tite and has not fired Sampaoli yet?

Why does Flamengo see optimism with Tite and has not fired Sampaoli yet?

Pedro Evo Almeida, by ESPN.com.br26 September 2023 at 22:46Reading: 2 minutes.

Even without Jorge Sampaoli being sacked Flamingo Talks have begun Titi As your new coach. According to the report issued by espnHowever, everything is handled calmly on both sides.

the movement Which was brought by commentator Zinho After the MP Brazil Cup Evolved. The negotiations are led by President Rodolfo Landim and Football Vice President Marcos Braz. The report found that the coach has already given the green light for talks to go ahead.

On Flamengo’s part, there is a sense of optimism, but they are also in no rush to sign Tite, just as they are in no rush to sack Jorge Sampaoli.

The club realizes that the conversation with Tite will have to be very detailed, as well as planning, and be careful, for 2024.

The conversation was progressing, and some topics were still being discussed, such as awards, the scope of his work, replenishing the cast, what he would promise and what his independence would be.

What is already certain is that the captain will bring with him three names to his technical committee: Kleber Xavier and Matthews Bache as assistants and Fabio Mahserdjian as physical coach. The trio accompanied the coach as he passed Brazilian team And by Corinth.

And the trip to Rio?

And this Tuesday night (26), Tite landed with his family at Santos Dumont Airport in Rio de Janeiro, increasing the red and black fans’ expectations regarding his possible arrival.

It turns out that this trip was already planned and decided before any negotiations began, as Tite lives in Rio de Janeiro.

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Why has Sampaoli’s resignation not been announced yet?

Although it is a decision made internally, but not yet decided with the coach, Jorge Sampaoli’s sacking has not been announced. There is only one reason: lack of confidence in a potential transition period.

President Rodolfo Landim does not trust Mario Jorge, the U-20 coach who took over in April after Vitor Pereira was sacked.

The idea is that the transfer will take place in a scenario similar to what happened when Rogerio Ceni left and Renato Gaucho arrived, where one was sacked with the other already agreed.

If the dismissal is not announced by the end of the week, Sampaoli will lead the team against him BahiaWithout the arrival of a temporary coach. Meanwhile, talks continue on an optimistic and good tone with Tite.

Flamengo next matches:

Tite, in Brazil’s defeat by Cameroon in the Qatar 2022 World CupGT