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Sao Paulo defeats Milan again in the match with the giants

Sao Paulo defeats Milan again in the match with the giants

In a festive game that celebrated its 30th anniversary clubs World Cup 1993, Sao Paulo He won again Milanthis time for 4 to 1, in the game of legends called “Reencontro de Gigantes”, this Saturday (16), in Morumbi. The match was Send via espn In the star+.

The nearly 31,000 fans who attended the stadium were dazzled by the presence of many of the great names in football history, who demonstrated their talents and made many unforgettable plays.

In the heat of the afternoon in São Paulo, Tricolor opened the scoring 12 minutes into the first half, with the match played in two 30-minute halves.

In play on the right Kaka Make the crossing and Dida He came out to cut it off, but ended up dropping it on his feet. Righteousness. Although he was a little out of shape, the Sao Paulo star was quick and sent it inside.

After the goal The Rossoneri They decided to go on the attack and equalized with a very nice move.

At 21, Seedorf It gave an amazing start to Ricardo OliveiraWho invaded the area and sent a cross without any chance for the goalkeeper Marcus Bonkini.

At the end of the first half, the fans went crazy again with the awards ceremony organized by Sao Paulo He gave his idols a gold ring studded with precious stones.

In the complementary phase, the teams witnessed several changes, with a focus on Kaka that it Cavo. As Milan stars, they “turned their coats around” and went to defend the Italian club.

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But Sao Paulo’s attack made the difference thanks to the immense talent possessed by the duo Dudu that it Loving.

in 5 minutes, Dudu He started playing and played for LovingWho came back with his heels at a wonderful table. The “Gunner of Beautiful Goals” finished the match well and put the Brazilian team back in front.

To improve the afternoon party in Morumbi, the former midfielder Richarlison He started from the right wing in the 25th minute and sent a perfect cross to Dudu Head and zoom.

The score was closed once and for all in the final minute of the match: Elivelton Making the perfect ball for Duduwho was not forgiven Dida And touch the corner to complete his hat trick.

A party at Sao Paulo’s house, on an exciting afternoon, that celebrated the great match played 30 years ago in Japan.