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Salvador wins oncology center for SUS patients

Salvador wins oncology center for SUS patients

In the capital of Bahia there will be an oncology center that will assist patients fully across the Unified Health System (SUS), within the facilities of the Santa Isabel Hospital (HSI), in Nazareth. The immediate start of business agreement was signed on Friday (28th).

The new facility will operate within the Silva Lima Ambulatory, in Santa Izabel, and will increase the on-site care capacity by 30%, providing greater convenience for treated patients. The new center, with an investment of R$ 3 million from the city of Salvador, has an area of ​​600 square meters and will enable expansion, rehabilitation, comprehensive, resolute and welcoming care for patients undergoing cancer treatment in the capital of Bahia.

The start-up agreement was signed by Mayor Bruno Reyes, along with Municipal Secretary of Health (SMS), Desio Martins, and Santa Casa da Bahia Provider, José Antonio Rodriguez Alves, on Friday (28), during a ceremony at HSI. “City Hall already had a contract signed with Santa Casa for cancer care, but it was not fully implemented precisely because there was no such space. At the new center, the patient would receive comprehensive treatment since his arrival. The CT and ultrasound scans and ultrasounds,” explained the mayor. Audio plus necessary follow-up.

The Santa Casa da Bahia provider, Jose Antonio Rodríguez Alves, said that the hospital is currently conducting 2,000 visits per month on an area of ​​200 square metres, but in the many required tests, patients need to pass through other hospital buildings. “The idea, then, is to create a structure for them in one place, more quickly and with diagnostic accuracy,” he stressed.

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With the expansion, Alves added, the space will also increase the width of micro-surgery in the abdominal apparatus and allow for the monitoring of surgeries in a virtual way, training of teams remotely, as well as continuing education in health centers and speed. Caring for patients who need care.

The head of the SMS department, Desio Martins, emphasized the importance of an exclusive reference center for SUS patients, in which there would be access from outpatient services to very complex procedures: “This space comes to meet the demand for cancer treatment patients not only from El Salvador, but also from other cities other in Bahia.