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Russia has blamed Ukraine, the US and the UK for the attack on Moscow

Russia has blamed Ukraine, the US and the UK for the attack on Moscow

Photo: Reproduction/TASS

Armed men attack shopping center in Russia

oh Russian Federal Security Service This Tuesday (26), Ukraine, the United States and the United Kingdom were accused of participating in an attack on a concert hall in Moscow – an attack that killed 137 people. This information was reported by Ria Novosti.

According to the Russian director Alexander Portnikov
, members of the Islamic State (IS), which claimed responsibility for the attack, were trained by Ukraine in the Middle East. For this reason, the head of the Central Security Service said that he would retaliate against the neighboring country.

Yet according to Portnikov, the Russian investigation points to US and UK involvement in the attack. So far none of the accused countries have spoken.

However, Deputy Prime Minister and President of Italy Antonio Tajani characterized the allegations as Russian “propaganda”. “Clearly this attack is Islamic in nature. I believe this is a demonstrative move by this world against Russia, and in fact, it is already planned,” he said.


Last Friday (22) they opened fire on people who were in Crocus City Hall located in Moscow. The terrorists set the place on fire.

According to witnesses, a band called Picnic was ready to play at the time of the attack. The criminals started the attack in the lobby of the house and then invaded the hall. In addition to the 137 deaths, dozens of people were injured.

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